The top-selling business laptops in US 2019

 These who require computers to be used for business purposes as well as to use it whilst travelling, looking at Review best business laptops might be interesting and useful. Our store does not make any recommendations and this article is purely written for information purposes. We have made our list on the basis of what value for many particular product gives, its design, power and overall capabilities.

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Top 5 Business Laptops

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch. It is believed that this is one of the most desirable laptops that can be purchased for business purposes. It provides exceptionally good value for money and it is priced at around USD 3350.00. It is absolutely ideal for creative professionals and provides plenty of power and capabilities. The laptop has 2TB storage capacity and 32GB of RAM. Intel Core i9 processor is one of the modern that is available and ensures the speed of 2.9GHz. It has 15.6 inches display with resolution of 2880x1800, as well as its battery has one of the best performance on the market and if properly charged runs down in 16 and a half hours.
  2. Dell Precision 5530. This is also a pretty powerful device but costs substantially less than the above mentioned counterpart. It comes at the price of approximately USD 1520.00, whilst its performance is roughly similar to the Apple MacBook. It has Intel Xeon E-2176M processor installed, which ensures the speed of 2.7GHz. Although the storage capacity is considerably lower and comes at 512GB, RAM is still the same and pushes our impressive 32GB. The size of the display is exactly the same but offers much better resolution at 3840x2160. The laptop’s battery will last for approximately 11 hours. This is why it occupies the second spot in our Review best business laptops.
  3. HP Chromebook X2. This is a budget version of a laptop and initially meant for Google-centric business use. It is ideal for office workers and especially if they are on the move. The device has very impressive cost and comes at around USD 600.00. It has the Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor, which is pretty capable and will be sufficient for general work and more. The processor has the speed of 1GHz that is also sufficient for most of the tasks that will have to be performed. It offers 35GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. Its 12.3 inches display offers 2400x1600 resolution as well as the battery will last up to 11 hours on one charge.
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro. The laptop is ideal for creative professional and business users in general. It offers very impressive performance for sensitive amount of money. It comes at a price of around USD 800.00. Intel Core i7 7660U processor is installed there with the speed of around 2.5GHz, which makes it a very provident choice for such amount of money. Although storage capacity is not extremely large and amounted to 512 GB it is more than enough for ordinary business use, whereas RAM is amounted to 16GB. Its 12.3 inches display produces resolution 2736x1824 pixels that is also perfect for virtually anything. The battery of Microsoft laptop will last for almost 14 hours.
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3d generation). This laptop will be perfect for business people who will have to travel a lot. It costs around USD 1130.00 and offers pretty good performance and general capabilities. It has got Intel Core i5 8250U processor installed inside, which offers pretty capable speed of 1.6GHz. Its hard drive can store up to 512 GB of files and programs that is more than enough for virtually anything. 8GB of RAM will ensure that almost every tsk is run smoothly and with no lags. The laptop has a decent size of the display, which is amounted to 14.2 inches and produces resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. All in all, this is a very capable tool and its battery will enable you to work with no connection to electricity supply for very impressive 17 and a half hours!


When it comes to consider what can make the top 5 to Review best business laptops, it is clearly up to personal preferences. We tried to allocate only the best buys on the basis of price, quality, brand name, performance and capabilities. As it is seen the capabilities of each laptop differ very much as some may prefer to have lots of RAM and the other the amount of storage. Some may like fast processor and the other the battery which will enable them to work during transcontinental flight. We believe that we have made the best least for you, which will also indicate the trend for the future.


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